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All our products will be produced with high quality materials and superb craftmanship

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The idea for our products developed primarily from our own need for modern cat furniture, that our cat would love to use. My brother and I spent countless hours in front of the computer searching for something that would fit into our home. Yet the more we searched the less we found…

After a while I realized that with our expertise in carpentry and with access to some of the machinery at work, we could make our own items. A few days later Rossi (whom you can see in the pictures below) was already enjoying the new toys.

In our quest to improve the quality of lifestyle for Rossi we have created a top notch product. It offers comfort and adds a modern touch to your house or apartment.

After being thoroughly tested by Rossi and a number of friends and their feline companions, we decided to help others who face the same dilemma we did. To make this happen we need to buy our own machinery and for that we need YOUR SUPPORT!

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Only the best materials

We use only top notch materials in our products.

We know you love your pets as much as we do, that's why we decided to use only the best materials available

KERROCK is resistant to damage, water durable and is the base of all our products. It will not rust like metal or fall apart like your usual pet furniture made of wood. It is extremely easy to maintain and all the dirt washes off easily. Kerrock is also recyclable so our product are ECO friendly making it the perfect choice for your home!

SISAL is the textile compound made of 100% pure Agave Sisalana fibers. The material is antistatic and made of naturally renewable resources. During heavy testing on our pets we have concluded that they absolutely love it!

SYNTHETIC LEATHER is the material of choice for the pillow covers. It's easily cleaned, durable and will look astonishing in your home. It is also our preferred choice as no animals are harmed during production.

MEMORY FOAM is used to provide comfort and enables your pets to get the best, most relaxing sleep they ever had!

Materials used:
Synthetic leather
Memory foam
Cotton thread
Stainless steel (where applicable)

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We have the expertise, we have a plan, the only thing missing is you backing us up!

To see this project succeed and evolve we really need YOU! Show your support on IndieGoGo! We have a whole pallet of different options so head over right now and get one for your cat.

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